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Welcome to Employment in America.

I am in the process of developing an employment assistance networking service in an effort to assist job seekers in finding employment and helping employers find potential candidates to fill various positions in their organizations.

The goal of Employment in America is to match top quality employees with businesses and organizations around the Houston and surrounding areas in order to provide possible employment opportunities

My free networking service offers many benefits and advantages to everyone.

First it is simple to use and convenient and easy to use.  Employers will find qualified candidates in all fields and with varying degrees of experience.  Job Seekers are from all walks of life, with many types of skills and qualifications. 

*Data Entry
*Accounting Clerks
*Managers and Supevisors
*Medical Personnel
Employment in America Provides opportunities in the following areas:
Employment in America is looking for women who:

*Have high personal standards
*Possess superior professional integrity
*Can work diligently and follow all rules goverened by potential employers
*Display a remarkable attitude
*Never compromise their high level or work ethics
Employment in America is looking for businesses that:

*Have high professional standards
*Possess superior personal integrity
*Are looking to fill various positions in clerical, administrative, and  accounting
*Display a remarkable attitude
*Display honest attitudes
*Never compromise their high level of work ethics
*Value great employees and are willing to reward them for their hard work

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Employment in America also offers the following:

Fundraising Opportunities

Customer and Employee Personalized Gifts and Gift Baskets

Low Cost Advertising

Freelance Listings
Freelance Listings
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The Job Search WebRing
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1 Stop for Computer Jobs and IT Jobs
1 Stop for Computer Jobs and IT Jobs
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